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Edit Profile gives you the full option to edit your current profile. The distinct tabs provide all options in the profile.

Intro tab gives the option to change your Screen Names, Nick names etc. At Basics tab you can give personal details as age, address and zodiac sign. At the Vitals tab you can give your physical details as hair color, eye color, tattoos, piercing, languages known etc. At Life Style you can give your view on Politics, Religion, Relationship etc. In Relationship you can give whom all you are interested to meet in this network.

At Interest tab you can give your favorite Movie, Music, Books etc. And the Personality tab explores your personality traits whether Shy, Adventurous, Kind, Loving etc. Education tab gives your educational background. In About Me you can write about you, as a self-Introduction. Extended Interest gives more details about yourself as 'what makes you happy', 'what makes you sad' etc.
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