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In this section user can change your general, forum, email, viewing preference etc

At the General Settings tab you have options to set the login to be automatic or not. You can change the password and also set the security question in case of forgetting passwords. You can subscribe for newsletter and also decide whether to make your profile visible or not by selecting between the options Yes/No. You can enable or disable the posting of Comments, Feedback, Bulletins and/or Ratings at your profile. You also have the option whether to allow your friends to view your Blogs, Groups, Forum Posts, Private Photos and/or Classified Posted.

At the Forum Settings you can set your preference on Forums. You can select whether to display your avatar or mood while making a post on forum, Set maximum posts per page from the drop down from 5 to 100 and create your signature. There is a 255 character limit to the signature. You can decide whether to append your signature to the posts you make and also the location from where you post.

Mobile Alert gives alert to the mobile number you provide here when a new mail and/or new friend request arrives. Similarly you will also get Email Alert for the options as story, tips etc listed here. And a separate link for classifieds option, as add category. You cannot select the category classifieds as a single option. Viewing Preference gives a choice whether to open a new link on new window or same window.
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