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Photo Album is the image gallery. You can create a new album here. While creating a new album, you can provide an album name and choose a setting to control who can access this album. There are 4 settings:
*Private - Only those who request access and you approve or send access to may view this album.
*Public - Everyone can view this album and all photos in it.
*Friends - Only people in your friend's list can view this album.
*Selective - Only specified users can view the album. And those users could be entered in the space provided, separating each name with commas. And you need to make sure that you are above age 18 for using this functionality.

Once you have created the album you have option to Edit the album right from the first step. Add Photos gives you the option to upload photos to the current album. Admin sets the maximum number of snaps per album. Through Edit Cover you can set a photo of the album as album cover.

At View Album you can view all snaps of an album. You have option to view the images randomly or as slide show or as flash slide show. You can set the speed of slide show between Slow, medium or Speed from the drop down. At Share Album tab you will get the link of your album. You can send this link to your friends. While viewing the album, you have option to hit the snap. Once you have hit your favorite snap, it will be displayed under the Favorites tab. Through Advance Image viewer you can view the image in a large format.
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