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It’s not often a president gets to go somewhere no U.S
It’s not often a president gets to go somewhere no U.S. president has ever been before. But next week, President Obama will become the first occupant of the White House to set air max 90 in Wales. He’s there for a NATO summit.

Originally organized to focus on Afghanistan as NATO draws down from its longest-ever mission, the summit was then going deal with Ukraine. Then Iraq. And now Syria and Iraq. All in 2 days!

President Obama begins his trip to Europe by stopping off in Estonia, one of the former Soviet Union countries eying the crisis in Ukraine with most concern. Unlike Ukraine, Estonia – as well as Latvia and Lithuania – are NATO members. While the U.S. is not going to get involved in Ukraine’s war with Russia, article 5 of the NATO charter means “an attack on one, is an attack on all nike free run.”

In Estonia, the president nike online store he will “reaffirm” the United States’ “unwavering commitment” to the defense of its NATO allies. Sixty-seven heads of state and government will be in Wales for the summit, but all eyes will be on a 68th who is not: Vladimir Putin Nike Air Max will be center stage, even if he’s not physically there.
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It’s not often a president gets to go somewhere no U.S
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