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New Year In Style
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Here is our very first contest. We want to make Indiapage an active fun place. And we want your help.

The contest runs through January 15, 2007 Midnight IST.  Whoever gets maximum points by the deadline wins the contest.  You can get points by referring new members to Indiapage, posting blogs, posting to your gallery etc... In short you get points for things you do normally.

You can see the standings real time at

First prize - Rs 5000

Second prize Rs 2000

The following is a breakdown of how you gain activity points on the site:

Referrals - 25 points
Writing a blog - 1 point
Commenting on a blog - 1 point
Forum postings - 1 point
Profile Comments - 1point
Picture Comments - 1point

Spamming will not be tolerated in the contest or on the site. Also, our discretion will be used in deciding if a member is abusing the point system. If we decide they are, their account will either be deleted or their points for the month will be taken away.

The point system is updated every hour so you can keep checking the contest leaders.

All winners must have a complete profile with photo.

Good luck

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